Typesetter Drawer Scrapbook

January 16, 2009 § 3 Comments

AKA:  A Zillion Tiny Dioramas

I love things with little “compartments”.  I was at an antique fair once and saw an antique pharmacy cabinet, about six feet square, with no less than a hundred drawers all labeled with various medicines and poisons.  And you know back in the day they had the best medicine names.  You weren’t taking Terapolaprazamin, you took “THE LAUDNAUM”.  What I wouldn’t do for a little Laudnam some days…

But we’re getting off topic, and the topic is my first big craft project of 2009.  It’s The Typeseter Drawer Scrapbook.  I found this drawer at the Sandwich Antiques Market last summer and Meredith and I immediately started brainstorming on what to do with it. 

At first I was just going to line the back with different papers and paint it, but slowly I began to think of other “small” things that could go in the compartments. So now it’s going to be a tiny (and huge) scrapbook, each little box a different thing about me.  Not onlydo I plan to fill some of the boxes with pictures and journaling, but I’ve been making little memories out of Sculpey and fabric and felt.  I want it to be something that will hang in my living room and start conversation, not just about me, but about everyone in my generation. 

Of course, the first stop was my wedding:

I aged the photo with some distressing ink and scratched it up with a pin.  It’s one of my favorite wedding photos since it’s so candid.  A friend took it, not the photographer. (Don’t get me started on the photographer).  Then I made a Christmas scene:


I found an old scrap of paper in a collage pack that had the origins of the name Charlotte, if you can believe it, and that will definitely be mounted in here, and I also cut out a teeny map of our neighborhood.  It’s slow going, but I love that there are really no boundaries to the creativity.  Every day I think of something else to put in there!


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§ 3 Responses to Typesetter Drawer Scrapbook

  • Meredith says:


    :: happy dance ::

    It is 17 shades of awesome if I must say so myself.

  • Your husband just hipped me to your blog. This scrapbook here is frickin’ superb. I want to copy it. I have always been obsessed by tiny boxes, compartments, drawers, etc. I thought i was the only one… Great blog, too. Husband was right!

  • kellee says:

    I just saw your blog through angela’s facebook page & wow, am I glad I did! you are an Amazing writer! & such substance to your topics. I love reading them. 🙂 Ididnt see a place to email you directly, so I just put this here.

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