Let’s get Psyched for a new feature!

March 2, 2009 § 7 Comments


If there is one chore in the world that I don’t mind and actually look FORWARD to doing, it’s grocery shopping.  Ever since I was kid I’ve loved going to the grocery store.  Part of it could be that my sister and I were card carrying members of the Wegmans and Star Markets cookie club, allowing the bearer of said card to receive a cookie of their choosing from the grocery store bakery and even at 9:00 in the morning, eat said cookie without a word of protest from mom.  For a while there was a creation available at Star that would make childhood nutritionists blow their stacks – the Cookie Cup.  This thing was a soft chocolate chip cookie pushed into a muffin tin so as to make a bowl to hold ABOUT A HALF A CUP OF FROSTING. It’s true.  They filled the cookie bowl with swirls and swirls of brightly colored buttercream.  This was available for free.  I don’t even have time to get into my love of old fashioned bakery frosting that I can’t find anywhere.  That will have to be a sob story for another post.


I’ve put the free cookies behind me, but getting my cart, pluggin in the ipod and hitting the Jewel is still an event I look forward to with a sort of childlike glee.  Unlike my mom, I rarely have a plan when going.  I have a partial list of things that are needed, but what I love most is just roaming the store.  I love finding a great looking bunch of asparagus, standing together like a bunch of cold co-eds outside a bar, waiting to be something delicious.  Although I’m something of a picky eater, I do like to find new ingredients and devise new dishes.  To me, cooking is a kind of crafting.  Why not?  I rarely use recipes.  Even when I’m baking I look over the ratios to assure it rises and binds and all that, but I always like to substitute sugars or flavors or cocoa or fruit.  To me, it doesn’t feel like MINE until I’ve put my personal touch on it.  So when I grocery shop I’m usually buying INGREDIENTS rather than prepared sodium boxes.  


Even if I have no need for anything in the “Household Cleaners and JuJu Fruit” aisle, I make my way down it.  Here’s why:  I’m an easy sell.  I’m a sucker for 10 for 10 sales.  I heed the call when grocery stores advise me to “stock up”.  I love the idea of “stocking up”, as if I have a dirt walled root cellar under a trap door out in the prairie.  Amongst the handwoven baskets of apples and onions and knobby potatoes, everyone needs a box of Glade Plug Ins to see them through the hard winter.

I guess this is a round about way of saying that I’m anxious to share recipes with you almost as much as I want to share my crafting and memories and housekeeping tales.  Housekeeping tales?  What will those be?  “Brian yelled at me until I agreed to throw away my last five months of magazines.”  So coming soon to the annals (heh heh) of DIAWC, the blog that tires easily, will be Jessica’s Recipes on Recipe Monday.  I hope you’ll let me know if you try them and/or improve on them.  I love hearin’ about the tweaking.:)


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§ 7 Responses to Let’s get Psyched for a new feature!

  • clarmere says:

    So much new! Oh man I love this new header.

    So, is it weird that I’m reading this post while sifting through the Sunday paper and clipping coupons for my grocery run this afternoon?!?

    Also. Is it weird that I licked the screen when I saw the peachy french toast??

    Girl, you best be posting a recipe SOON.

  • Chris says:

    Oh God! The Blog That Tires Easily! Can I have that as my tagline as well?

  • donkeyinawhitecoat says:


  • allison says:

    no recipe yet? i was getting excited, im off to the grocery store in a couple of minutes. ah.. the cookie club. i remember once we got older they stil had it but they gave the kids the tiny bite sized cookies- crap. the ones we got were as big as our face.

  • Brian says:

    I just want it noted here that it was this very Chicken Stir Fry that claimed the end of Jessica’s finger. I recovered the severed piece myself before the dish was cooked. So it’s not fair to call it “Chicken and Finger Stir Fry,” but that’s what it will forever be known as for me.

  • Mom says:

    Your pictures make my mouth water,and in your case I KNOW they taste as good as they look! The grocery shopping love affair is hereditary,I always feel happy and at home when I walk into Wegmans.

  • Emily says:

    I confess I like going to the grocery store too. It never gets old. 🙂 Your pictures are making me hungry.

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