A new sporadic feature…The Clay Ashtray Chronicles

March 19, 2009 § 1 Comment

As I mentioned yesterday, I experienced a crafting FAIL on Tuesday, the likes of which you’ll never see on the more wonderful, beauitful craft blogs. I assume this is because these women are hiding/burning/burying their failures and pretending that everything they lay their little crafty hands on turns to gold. (In truth, I just assume they’re better than me).  But I am not too proud to admit that while I love crafting, I am sometimes not so good at crafting because I am also tremendously impatient.  So projects with 25 or so steps in them will usually result in me trying to shave off about 8 of the steps or combine them or ‘alter them’ or whatever.  I also hate following instructions. I feel like if I use a pattern or a template or a list of step by steps, that I’m not really making my OWN craft as much as I’m making a copy of Betty Sue’s awesome craft.  So that’s another place where we hit the wall.

This feature will hopefully be a rare jewel amongst blog posts, a hilarious sidebar to cleanse our palettes after months of exquisite art, food, clothing and design that blow your mind with their craftmanship.  However, I already have two items in the last week which will have to be discussed:

– The amazing shrinking chair pad

– The kimono that became a parka

I call this feature The Clay Ashtray Chronicles (again, no banner yet) because I remember as a child that whenever I was given playdoh, salt and flour dough, baked clay of any kind, I would make an ashtray.  How wonderful.  How artistic.  How useful!

No one in my family smokes.

So there you have it.  You win some, you lose some.   Stay tuned, and learn what we learn from the losses.


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§ One Response to A new sporadic feature…The Clay Ashtray Chronicles

  • Meredith says:

    oh no… not the kimono!!!

    I’m dying to see pics. I love my craftfails. For some reason they make me laugh endlessly and end up being moved from room to room looking for a place to be properly displayed, proving their worth as an excellent dust collectors. I can’t get rid of them because of the scene in Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer when Herbie visits the Island of Misfit Toys. I just… I can’t do it. Misfits deserve to be loved too!!

    Plus… they’re ONE OF A KIND. (OOAK!) We love them.

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