Things I Want To Do This Year

April 14, 2009 § 3 Comments

Sometimes I wish I had a big giant, fully stocked craft room like Martha Stewart’s.  In fact, who am I kidding, I wish for that all the time.  Like I said in a previous post, I’m a flitter.  I move from project to project and focus to focus with a moment’s notice.  When I get tired of embroidery, I pack it away for weeks and pick up the sewing machine to make clothes.  When I screw up yet another sewing project, I put the machine away and get out my sketchbook to yet again attempt some design work – greeting cards, ideas for collages, paintings.  And then when I get tired of that I doodle three things: flowers, carrots and baby heads.

But as I enjoyed a quiet, albeit joyous Easter with my husband and daughter, I decided that I should at least give some form to my jumbled creativity, and I made a little list of creative endeavors and goals for 2009, which doesn’t include the standard “write something every day, keep up with photo organization and scrapbooking and become the next Martha Stewart” those are all givens.

  • Last Christmas I bought a poopload of Christmas fabric with the idea of making a ragged squares quilt ala Crazy Mom Quilts.  I mean, that looks pretty doable!  And fast!  Well Christmas came and went, I got a LOT of the squares cut out and now they are in a beautiful stack of christmasy squares in my stash box.  I will finish A quilt this year.  Whether it’s that one or the “subway tile” quilt I’m designing in my head…I can’t say.
  • Design a fabric for Spoonflower. This is an awesome website, you know it?  Just imagine that perfect fabric you’re looking for.  It’s always just a little bit different from the one you settle for.  Don’t settle.  Channel your inner Anna Maria Horner and make your own!  I just would feel so… accomplished if I sat down and followed this project through from sketch, to color research, to converting it to photoshop to getting the hot little fabric in my hands.  I mean… THAT’S FUN!
  • Make candles.  Easy enough.  I just don’t want to spend all the money on the stuff. Or I should say, I don’t want my husband to see me spend all the money on all the stuff.  I made a ton of useless ‘containers’ when I took my pottery class. They’d all make cute candles.  
  • Make a linoleum stamp and make some stationery/christmas cards (OMG CHRISTMAS CARDS!) with it.  First of all, I loved doing this project in highschool art class.  I remember the super organic pleasure I got from feeling that linoleum peel away when I dug my thingee into the perfect smooth surface.  It really felt like I was DOING something.  Once again, this seems like a sort of cost prohibitive project unless I intend to do a lot with it, what with the brayer, the glass ink spreader thing, the tools, the ink, the linoleum.  I’ll have to find a way around it.

So there are the goals.  Have any advice? Warnings?  Your own goals?  OK!  Let’s break on three! One Two Three BREAK!

My creative space as of Saturday



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§ 3 Responses to Things I Want To Do This Year

  • Marlo says:

    Love the Crazy Mom Quilts, and although I love the idea of designing my own fabric, I have far too many commitment issues when it comes to that sort of thing. It would take me eons to make decisions about it, and by the time I finished and got the fabric, I probably wouldn’t really like it anymore. Hmmm….sounds like fodder for therapy, doesn’t it? 🙂

    I remember that linoleum art class project!! For some reason I decided to do a photo of the Thompson Twins from Bop or Tiger Beat or one of those magazines. I still have no idea why I chose that picture, as opposed to Duran Duran or Rob Lowe or the like.

    I think crafty goals are a good thing, and that yours are quite do-able! I think mine are limited to (1) learn how to knit socks and (2) take a sewing class. Jewelry making & wire/bead work may have to wait til 2010. We’ll see.

  • donkeyinawhitecoat says:

    Oh man. I also would love to make some jewelry. I walk through the jewelry stuff at Joanns and i think “hey, just buy some earring pieces, some beads…some tools….some gems…some chains….” and the next thing you know I’ve got 200 dollars worth of stuff in my cart. I, too, may have to put that off.

  • Meredith says:

    Oh MAN! The crazy mom quilt is SO within my doable range!! That is super cool.

    I’m currently (and still) obsessed with making my own batch of lip balm. I really really want to do that in 2009. Also, you might just now know what your Christmas gift will be. :: cough cough ::

    I would really like to take a sewing class…

    And lately I feel like I want to start a knitting/crochet circle. At my house. With tea. And include daughters and nieces.

    And I see you accomplishing all of your listy things! You’re going to be looking for more come… August. There, I said it.

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