A Year Long Mountain Climb

May 4, 2009 § 1 Comment

Hey all.  Would you like to hear a story?  We’ll you’re gonna.  This coming Thursday, May 7th is a big anniversary for me.  It represents so many things that changed in my life, doors closing, windows opening, ears popping from the change in air pressure from closing and opening doors…and in recognition of this anniversary I’d like to tell you “My Tale” over the next couple of days. 

My family and close friends know most of the details, and when asked about my struggle with pain, depression and painkiller addiction, I’m all too happy to talk about it, but I’ve never really summed it all up in a way that may be helpful to others or at the very least an interesting time waster while you’re waiting to leave work. You know, those last twenty minutes of work when you don’t really want to start anything new, but you can’t really wrap things up because you’ll look like a clock watcher?  That sort of thing.

So, in short, stay tuned.  I’ll try to keep it funny, keep it upbeat and keep it brief.  But I mean,come on…it took almost 10 years.

now Im high on macro photography!

now I'm high on macro photography!


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§ One Response to A Year Long Mountain Climb

  • Meredith says:

    Hi. Is this where I purchase my season pass for this ride?

    I’m lining up early. I’m a big fan of your stories, tales, legends and life lessons.

    Big fan!

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