Charlotte’s Budding Career in Photography

May 13, 2009 § 2 Comments

Let’s bring up the mood around here a little and talk about Charlotte.  As she continues to grow and develop her own personality, Brian and I are in a constant state of laugh out loud awe.  Even at two and a half she is rife with opinions and “catchphrases” and jokes, but also compassion and empathy and determination.  How many times have I heard her say “NO mommy, gimme do it” when I try to help her with something?  And yet, after a full day of independence and self determination, she’s still small enough to crawl into my lap with a blanket at the end of the day and say “Mommy, cuddle on the couch?”

She’s at the age where learning isn’t associated with “sitting at a desk all day, listening to some crank drone on and on about the Magna Carta”.  Learning for Charlotte is non stop fun, driving her forward from morning until night, coming home from daycare and singing to me: “AY YI YI YI, CANTA Y NO LLORES!”. 

She’s fascinated by the arts.  She loves to draw and paint, and sing and dance and her new love is photography.  Brian said it’s amazing that she’ll never live in a world where she’ll have to wait to see a picture.  Every time I tell her to smile, she poses, and then says “Gimme see it?” (Gimme means many wonderful things in our house, sort of like VEGETABLE means ‘tater tots’ or ‘buttered corn’).  She also knows that photos are unlimited.  There’s no “STOP MAKING FACES, YOU’RE WASTING THE FILM”.  Any crazy picture you want to take, do it.  So we delete it later. Who cares?  You never know what sort of unique moment you’re going to capture.

So last weekend while she was playing with my aunt’s pretty amazing collection of sixties Barbies and Barbie Like Fashion Dolls and Barbie Accessories I decided to take a page from Doe-C-Doe and stage some cute shoe photos (which you can see in my FLICKR photostream, click the button in the right column –>) as well as capture some of the dolls themselves. So the first photo was just a standard, STILL LIFE WITH DOLL ON TABLE.


OK, not so great.  Can’t really see her face and it’s boring to boot.  Plus, I think Charlotte just crushed a nilla wafer into the carpet. So I called her over to help.  Can you hold up the dolly?  So it looks like she’s walking?  Hold her very still and I’ll take a picture.

Notice the Lead-Singer-Of-Bow-Wow-Wow-In-The-I-Want-Candy-Video hairstyle and the REDONKULOUS blue eyeshadow.  Please disregard Charlotte’s fingernails in this picture.  We’d just finished eating lunch and her nails needed trimming….and…well, I’m a lazy parent…so they’re dirty.  Let’s all try and live with it.  She’s two.   Anyway, I realized that I didn’t like how to the light was, or how she looked on the table, or how Charlotte’s fingernails looked like she’d just hand dug a grave, so I decided to scrap the shoot until she was taking a nap or something.  But before I could get the doll from her, Charlotte said,

“Wait mommy, wait wait wait.”

She took a moment and posed the doll and said,

“OK Mommy, take picture of her BUTT!”

 So I did. She rushed around the coffee table giggling and said “GIMME SEE IT?” I showed her what she ahd wrought and she laughed hysterically, running from the room to show everyone else the dolly’s butt.

Truly…she is an artist of limitless imaginaton.


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